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60 seconds with… Andrea

We know you love finding out wacky and weird facts about our lovely ArrangeMy team (so do we!) and here’s this month’s. Our latest close up features Andrea Green, Venue Finding Coordinator. We asked her to tell us 7 interesting facts about herself in 60 seconds and here they are:

Fact 1. Andrea trained in Tae Kwon Do for 6 years and achieved a black belt, first dan.
Fact 2. She was in the same class (High School and college) as Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones!!
Fact 3. Andrea’s toes are in the wrong order!
Fact 4. She has a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies with Law.
Fact 5. In the summer of 2010 Andrea spent 6 weeks driving and camping her way around Europe
Fact 6. Andrea is a grandmother…!!
Fact 7. She can’t wear polo neck jumpers because she has a massive head.

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