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60 seconds

60 seconds with… Ian

Posted On 6th/Oct/2015 By david

We know that you like to know a little bit about our amazing team members who wow you with their knowledge and expertise when looking after all of your business travel needs!

As such, we grab one of our team each month for just 60 seconds and ask them for 7 fascinating facts about them to lift the lid on their life outside ArrangeMY. This month, it’s Group Bookings guru Ian…

Fact 1 – Ian had a trial at Norwich City and Walsall as a footballer when he was a teenager

Fact 2 – He can talk like Donald Duck! (we will seek video proof of this for you!)

Fact 3 – He has ‘crazy dancing feet’ when he’s had a couple of drinks

Fact 4 – He is very competitive when playing sports – if he plays, he plays to win!

Fact 5 – Ian has a number of screws and bolts in his right ankle after a football injury

Fact 6 – He was nicknamed ‘kipper’ at school – apparently because he was slippery when he played rugby?!?!

Fact 7 – Ian’s dream holiday would be a weekend in Las Vegas, followed by two weeks in the Maldives “in one of those sea villas with legs”