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60 seconds with Sophie

We know you love to hear more about our lovely (and slightly wacky) team so here you are. This week we are finding out more about Sophie Holtom, Business Services Manager.

1. I have grade 5 in both clarinet and piano

2. I’ve broken my left foot twice, once by stepping out the front door and second by being stood on during a night out!

3. I’ve sung in the Birmingham Symphony hall as part of my school choir.

4. I’ve been asked more than once if Kim is my twin (she’s 13 years older than me!) I am sure that’s more of a compliment to her than me!

5. I have size 8/9 feet!!

6. I collect nativity scenes and have over 17 including one from Bethlehem

7. I may well be Adele’s number 1 fan and was lucky enough to have front row tickets to see her in March!

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