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5 Things an Event Organiser should NEVER do

Posted On 8th/Jun/2016 By Sophie

Event Organising is a tricky business. Fortunately we have a lot of experience in that field! We like to share so Laura Brinkworth, Venue Finding Coordinator has put together some things an Event Organiser should never do:

1. Never Assume – A good event organiser will always check the facts and plan ahead. If you don’t understand the brief or you require more information, pick up the phone and discuss it with your client as there is nothing worse than assuming and being wrong!

2. Never Say Never! – Your job is to work with clients to bring their vision to reality by offering creative solutions. If a solution can’t be found, find an alternative!

3. Never Rush a Proposal – When sending a proposal to the client always double check grammar, presentation and event details. This proposal will be the client’s first insight into their event and you want to impress and reassure them that everything will work perfectly!

4. Never Distance Yourself – Whether it be from the client or the venue, always keep in contact and make sure everyone remains up to date. If the client wishes to make an amendment, send them a quick email reassuring them that you’re on the case!

5. Never Tell Porkies! – Always be honest with the client. If things aren’t going to plan don’t panic and make excuses- find solutions! Once again pick up the phone and discuss alternatives with the client, this will quickly turn negatives into positives!