arrangeMY Travel Health Checker

arrangeMY Travel Health Checker

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Our business feels prepared for the return to travel and remain up to date on all the restrictions and requirements in place as a result of the pandemic.

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As a business we have a travel policy in place that all our staff are aware of and adhere to at all times during travel.

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All meetings and events have been planned out for the next year.

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All meetings and events that were impacted by the pandemic have now been rescheduled or moved to a hybrid events.

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Staff, employers and partners at our company are fully aware of what is expected of them during travel within certain booking policies.

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We are aware of the ways we can save money on our travel and accommodation through booking behaviour.

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We can track where our employees are during travel.

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Travel reporting is available to us when needed to ensure we know our management information including spend, top destinations and top travellers.

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