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12 tips for arranging a great event

Posted On 11th/Sep/2018 By sophieh

Booking an event, no-matter how big or small, can take its toll on a person. Sourcing a venue that’s within budget, dealing with food and transportation requests, as well as making sure that everything kicks off on time and runs smoothly can cause a big headache for employees, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Combined, our team have decades worth of experience in planning events and sourcing the perfect venue in prime locations. Here are their top tips for arranging a great event.

  • Book well in advance – the sooner the better to reserve space in the best possible venues on a date that suits you and the needs of your business. Try to be savvy when it comes to booking days of the week that perhaps not everyone wants – this works well for your budget if you can be creative with the days of the week.


  • Busy conference months are considered to be September, November and then March to June. Days of the week that are in high demand are Tuesdays and Wednesdays – many hotels and venues will flex and negotiate their rates on Mondays and Fridays.


  • Try alternative venues that are less stereotypical as places for your events – stadiums, universities, cinemas all work really well and make for a creative and memorable event.


  • Don’t let history stop you – many hotels and venues change management brands, names and often have extensive investment ploughed into them all the time – don’t let past experiences rule out a venue, always look with fresh eyes – the hotel and venue landscape can change rapidly and so can the operational teams too.


  • Delegate numbers – will everyone really attend? Could you remotely link up using a video link to those further afield and do you really need to provide a table/workspace for only a short presentation style meeting? Think of changing the layouts of your meeting spec by shaking it up a little. Don’t be afraid of change.


  • Site visits are often undervalued, however we feel that they are essential. arrangeMY’s team have extensive knowledge of venues, arranging events and the events industry in general. Make sure to tap into our expertise. We will ask the awkward questions for you, look at venues and challenge the operation, suggest alternatives and really get you the best value for your spend.


  • Try other key cities that are perhaps not the usual suspects. We are finding great value for clients in cities such as Birmingham, Belfast, Liverpool, Leeds etc. You don’t always have to use London and you get far more bang for your buck.


  • Subvention – we can work with you to elevate your event’s status. We have worked on large scale events and secured funding and city wide support from destination management boards for councils. We have been known to arrange money can’t buy experiences with the support of tourism committees.


  • Have you considered overseas? Could your event work in a location that needs the business due to your dates being out of season? For example, you could find a great value option in Northern Europe during conference season, although be mindful of the currency exchange rates – they can go up as well as down!


  • Be sure to think end to end – its not just about booking. Consider managing delegate registration, transportation, travel and accommodation, entertainment, guest speakers. Enrichment is what will make your event different, it has to be considered as it won’t just happen by itself. Be mindful of the delegate journey – car journeys, road routes, access to stations, rail routes and flight operators – careful planning makes a big difference to the overall success of your event.


  • Utilise space in your confirmed venue creatively and effectively – use the venue as a blank canvas, can the areas be used for alternative purposes? Suppliers meet & greets in tea & coffee service areas work well.


  • AV suppliers –use the in house venue experts, they often have the best kit for the space. Tap into their know how and experience, don’t be afraid to compare quotes, but meet with the experts, chat and be clear as to what you want to achieve and what they’ll be expected to deliver.


  • Discuss and consult with venue experts of your chosen venue – ask what has worked well at past events, as after all, there is no reason why you can’t borrow some ideas and make them your own. Open and honest conversations often harvest some amazing creative ideas even if it’s just that a seed is planted, it will help to highlight what other companies are doing, what’s on trend, the art of the possible and remember anything is possible!