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Why business travellers still favour TMC’s over going it alone

Posted On 19th/Apr/2018 By sophieh

Any reputable business travel management company (TMC) out there should never promise to get you the cheapest fares on the market,” according to arrangeMY Travel Manager, Julie Lee.

With 25 years behind her in the business travel industry, Julie explains why business travellers still favour TMC’s over going it alone…

Working around set timeframes and dates means that no-matter how much we all negotiate, we can never guarantee the cheapest fares 100% of the time unless you sacrifice on quality.

Whilst you can easily book flights or rail travel online yourself, there is always a risk factor involved with planning trips single handily.

The key reasons for using a TMC are not just based on price, it is about having a reassurance that if anything should go wrong, you have an experienced team of experts on the other end of the phone. You also get the following:

  • Access to all the information you need to have for any trip, from the ability to look up flight delays, book a driver to pick you up from the airport, through to destination warnings about where you’re travelling to.


  • Time saving by having someone to source the best options and rates to suit your individual needs and budget.


  • Real time management information reports that highlight the trend on spend and maximise the effectiveness of a travel programme by identifying where savings can be made.


  • A billback option that streamlines your billing process, saving time and reducing the number of individual invoices you handle.


  • Control over spending as reports give a detailed run down of what has been paid to your TMC, meaning that a strict budget can be adhered to.


  • 24-hour emergency assistance to provide support during unforeseen circumstances – particularly useful at hotels during check in times.


  • A professional team of experts that are always on hand to answer your queries day and night via phone or email and deliver a high-quality service.

Despite the large variety of self-booking tools available for business flights, much can be gained from business travellers using TMC’s. If you go it alone, not only will you lose out on exceptional customer service and support, but you could be losing money and valuable time.

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