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Duty of care in business travel

Posted On 12th/Jun/2018 By sophieh

When thinking about business travel, some companies choose to go it alone. With the world at your fingertips why wouldn’t you? We believe no traveller should be left to “go it alone.” While some companies try to save a few pennies, take a moment to consider your duty of care towards your employee?

Have you considered the mental and financial impact that “going it alone” can have on an employee who has missed their return flight in an unfamiliar country, needing to them to a) find details of a new flight, b) pay for said new flight and c) find a nearby hotel within budget to an acceptable standard if new travel arrangements cannot be made immediately? Making sure that your luggage does not exceed 10kg is stressful enough on a business trip, we believe this should be your only stress.

Have you considered that in 2018 the world we live in is a lot different to what it was just 20 years ago? Unrest and unexpected incidents can wreak havoc within seconds, but who would you contact if you needed to get in touch with an employee who has booked their own travel in a major city or overseas and the unthinkable happens? We don’t believe any company or individual should shoulder this burden. We care where your colleagues are going and are on hand 24/7 to assist when things go wrong.

Have you considered the experience of a lone traveller? How do you cater to individual needs? When booking on behalf of lone travellers it’s important to consider whether the accommodation you booked offers 24/7 room service? Your traveller may not feel comfortable eating in the bar or restaurant alone. Have you managed to pre allocate a room or will he/she be staying on the 11th floor? Simple requests for a quiet room, a room with a bath or a room near to reception should all be communicated to the hotel reservation team before your guest arrives.

Duty of care is often overlooked but business travel shouldn’t always be about saving a few pennies, business travel should be about what is best for the traveller. Keeping them safe, communicating preferences, supporting travellers as and when needed with no added financial burden on the traveller if things do not go as planned.

We care where you‘re going.

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