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Time to Think Differently About The Office?

Posted On 26th/Aug/2020 By Sophie

Many traditional office spaces have been forced to work in unique ways over the past few months due to the impacts of coronavirus. There has been a clear shift in ‘working from home’ with workplaces introducing innovative ways to work safely on a remote basis. Whilst many found the home office difficult to adapt to initially, it has since offered a welcomed lifestyle-orientated change when compared to the normal office life.

An increased focus on flexibility and space efficiency has led to many organisations questioning the traditional office space & instead embracing the ‘working from home’ attitude. Many daily tasks are simple to complete whilst based remotely largely down to the incredible technologies available. However, is this a substitute to face to face interaction with the team in the long term?

It’s very evident that whilst home working is very simple to accomplish, there is still the need to take time to meet with team members, clients and suppliers in person for collective discussions. This is why many people are welcoming the opportunity of hiring venues & meeting space as an alternative to an office for such smaller meetings.

The rise of venues and meeting spaces has a vast array of benefits to companies when compared to the traditional offices. So, why are more people considering the opportunity to use an external venue when compared to their office space? A few of the benefits to be had when booking venues include:

  • Exceptionally clean, COVID secure spaces which are extensively cleaned between meetings
  • Socially distanced space within larger sized venues
  • Up to 30 guests permitted at one stage
  • Much cheaper in comparison to renting an office space
  • Flexible working days ranging between one day hire to long term hire
  • Excellent space to host clients and suppliers
  • Refreshments and catering available where plausible
  • WiFi facilities giving you the capacity to work as per normal
  • Additional conferencing facilities such as a conference phone, stationery and printing services
  • Often free onsite parking available for all guests
  • Welcome break from the usual office environment

Switching up your office space presents the opportunity for your staff or associates to meet within a COVID safe environment, with venues working towards the highest level of cleanliness. The new ‘COVID Secure’ accreditation is becoming more frequent amongst venues too, which further reinforces the measures in place to protect the guests. Ultimately, this solution offers an excellent alternative to the normal offices, giving companies a fresh, flexible approach on how they meet in the near future.

Are you thinking about using a venue as a new option in the near future? Get in touch with arrangeMY to learn more about how we can source the best venues at the most cost-effective rates on the market. Our Venue Sourcing Team are experts in meetings and events, providing you with a wealth of knowledge into the best options possible covering the entire UK and even abroad

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