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arrangeMY driving down hotel rates through innovative rate checking technology

Posted On 12th/Sep/2018 By sophieh

We are thrilled to be one of the first in the industry to launch a new rate checking technology that will save customers money, even after a reservation has been made. Uniquely, this technology is designed to work with existing hotel billback processes.

The innovative HotBOT (Hotel Optimisation Tool Robot) works by continuing to vigorously scan availability and check rates on accommodation after a booking has been made, making savings of up to 10% for travellers.

Nick Scott, arrangeMY’s managing director, commented: “Hotel prices are notoriously volatile and we know the frustration that people experience when they book accommodation, only to then find it somewhere else for a cheaper price later on.

“We are continually looking at ways in which we can help our clients drive down their costs, right from the time that they book with us through to when they arrive at the hotel. We have developed our HOTBot technology to work in conjunction with our bill back system, ensuring that if we do find a better rate for a customer prior to check-in, the changes are made seamlessly and easily.”

The technology works by taking an existing hotel booking and monitoring rate fluctuation up until the cancellation policy, automatically re-booking a better rate that matches a customer’s criteria if found.

For more information on HotBOT, call 01905 610016.