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Calling a meeting?

Posted On 15th/Jun/2016 By Sophie

There could be a number of different reasons to call a meeting, and the purpose should be reflected in the way it is set up. Our friends over at Marriott hotels have put together a list of the different reasons for meeting.

An awards ceremony, milestone recognition or a social event.

To reach a decision
A board or committee meeting, vendor selection or interviews

When the objective is to learn something new or for training purposes.

Brainstorming session, creating ad campaigns, developing new ideas

Team building activity, relationship building, alumni events

Produce something
Worksession, Presentation Development, Budget Creation, Planning session.

Product launch, Trade Show, Kick-off meeting

If you are unsure about the purpose of your event check out the Marriott site here for further explanation and more details:

In order to make each meeting memorable and unique, it is important to use a suitable venue and consider some little touches in the set up and layout of the room.

Create the right atmosphere depending on the purpose. Have open spaces and informal seating for a brainstorming session, have the new product centre stage and clearly displayed for a product launch.
Add themed centrepieces and decorate the room accordingly. Ensure there is sufficient technology for the purpose, whether that is just a screen for a powerpoint or several tablets so people can form groups and work together on a new creative project.

arrangeMY can help with every aspect of organising your meeting. We will get the most from your budget to maximise productivity whilst minimising costs. Allow us to strategically manage your meeting from booking the perfect venue to the finishing touches, furniture hire, goody bags and corporate gifts.