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Lufthansa surcharge introduced

Posted On 2nd/Sep/2015 By Sophie


The Lufthansa surcharge is very prominent in the news feeds at the moment having come into effect on the 01 September 2015. Lufthansa Group (LHG, comprising of Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian, Brussels) has introduced a ticketing fee for tickets validated on LHG member airlines and issued in all Global Distribution Systems. This ticketing fee is 16 Euro per ticket (or equivalent), labelled Distribution Cost Charge (DCC) by Lufthansa Group.

This charge will affect all bookings, for all agents, but ArrangeMy will be assisting our clients in avoiding this charge where possible.

ArrangeMy have the flexibility to utilise other booking channels to avoid the Lufthansa surcharge for our agent transacted reservations, continuing to ensure we always offer our clients the best rates and deals available. We will also remain in continued dialogue with Lufthansa Group, via our membership of the Advantage Focus Group, and will update our clients with any developments as and when they may occur.

If you would like any further information please contact our Team in the office on 01905 610016 or via the website.