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Refund My Flight service launched to make claiming for compensation on flights simpler than ever

Posted On 11th/Sep/2018 By sophieh

Many of us have unfortunately experienced the feeling of dread when we look up at the departures board at the airport and notice that our plane has been delayed by hours. Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday, precious time is lost through no fault of our own and claiming compensation can be even more time consuming and stressful.

In 2012, the European Union’s Court of Justice made a decision that many consumers who arrived over three hours late at their destination would be due compensation, with the amount being based on the length of the delay and flight distance as opposed to the cost of the ticket.

It can be difficult to keep track of all the evidence needed to claim for a delayed flight and tracking down receipts is potentially very time consuming, which is why we have launched ‘Refund My Flight,’ a new service to make claiming for compensation on flights simpler than ever.

Our large flight data library works by cross referencing your personal data and historical information about weather conditions, circumstances beyond control and technical flights, instantly identifying whether you have a valid claim and the amount you may be able to claim for. This way, you don’t have to worry about providing a detailed account of what happened in the run up to a cancelled or delayed flight, as the database does it all for you.

Our solution is completely automated from the claim being identified, submitted and any letters sent to the airlines. The process is fast and efficient, ensuring a claim is enforced successfully whilst taking away the hassle of paperwork.

As the legal representative for your clients, we take all of the stress out of the process, handling everything for you and your employees. We also take on the financial risks of claiming such as court fees, and reports associated with your claim.

Travelling for business is tiring enough as it is without the added hassle of applying for compensation. With our new ‘Refund My Flight’ service, you can be sure that all the hard work is being done for you.

For more information on our ‘Refund My Flight,’ service, contact our friendly team on 01905 610016.