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Why arrangeMY is proud to be a UK Charity Centre of Excellence

arrangeMY is pleased to be a ‘Charity Centre of Excellence’ for UK business
travel support.

Why is this important?

As a leading travel management provider, we have instigated this because we are proud to look after a number of big-name UK charities.

For contractual reasons we can’t tell you who they are – but they’ll certainly be names you’re familiar with.

What does this mean to you?

If you are a Category or Procurement Manager within a charity, you need to know that your organisation’s travel and accommodation costs do not waste a penny.

The support of a pro-active and trusted travel provider, that’s cost-keen and embedded within the industry, is therefore essential.

As a Charity Centre of Excellence, we have set ourselves very high standards of service for charities in particular.

Examples of this include:

  • Providing full account management with unlimited hours of support
  • Speeding up our 24/7 response times with access to real-time information
  • Being able to offer maximum cost flexibility in terms of hotels and travel (for example, we may give you the option to book a less-expensive but quality hotel with an easy commute into a city centre – rather than staying in the actual city centre and paying premium rates)
  • Easy to use online booking tools
  • Special charitable rates.

Other cost savings

In addition, we asked the charities we work for, what difference a small donation (of say, £5) would enable them to do.

We discovered that a small sum such as this may enable them to cover a number of costs.

For example; £5 may pay for a cardiovascular check, it may enable someone to have a Dr’s appointment or it may cover the cost of a charity having some promotional leaflets printed.

And the more £5’s each organisation gets, the more they can do.

As a result, when we negotiate a rate (such as the cost of a hotel stay) we ask the provider if they will take £5 off their fee.

If they say yes, we then pass this saving straight back the Charity.

Donations and support

arrangeMY are also very pleased to support a local charity of the year currently St Richard’s Hospice – a local hospice caring and offering support to patients, their loved ones and the bereaved.

We also provide support to an annual Charity Golf Day.

We can help

You could say that charity support is in our DNA, so if you are a busy UK charity that would like to save costs right across your travel and accommodation programme then we can help.

To find out more call our highly experienced Account Management Team today on 01905 610016 or ping an email to 


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