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arrangeMY team reveal favourite destinations…

Posted On 14th/Nov/2016 By david


We catch up with four members of our team and find out about their favourite travel destinations and why:

Julie Lee, Business Travel Manager – British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province. It is defined by its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges. It has it all, fantastic wildlife and friendly people.

Katie Frazier, Business Travel Consultant – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is stunning! I went there recently and have fallen in love with it. The city, which is the capital of Hungary, is bisected by the River Danube. Its 19th century Chain Bridge connects the hilly Buda district with flat Pest.

Jamie Lee, Business Travel Consultant – Bradenton, Florida

Bradenton, a city in the Manatee county of Florida,  has an amazing pier restaurant that serves the best Mahi-mahi in the world. Mahi-mahi are swift and acrobatic game fish with striking colours.

Becky Lee, Business Travel Supervisor – New Zealand

New Zealand has the best of both worlds. Beautiful beaches in the North Island in summer and snow covered mountains in the South Island in Winter.