What is SMMP?

Strategic Meetings Management has become an important strategy process that has been implemented by many organisations.

Through it they have been able to evaluate all of their meetings both internal and external across a range of agreed criteria. This process provides a number of recommendations from supplier strategy, cost utilisation and efficiency improvements.

Why have one?

In our experience, meetings and event spend is typically decentralised within organisations, often leading both to a lack of process and control.

This leads to little buying power, a failure to achieve best price and mitigate cost. It also means limited knowledge sharing and lack of best practice.

Through a comprehensive audit of your spend we will work with you to develop an effective meetings strategy – meaning that you can regain control, achieve maximum cost efficiencies and compliance.

Why work with us?

Our process will lead to a clearly defined and mandated SMMP. Our expertise in venue sourcing, compliance, consolidation, technology and management information enables us to deliver significant savings on your event spend.

We can provide advice at any stage, whether you have a meetings policy in place that needs reviewing, or you are developing a strategy that will require implementation. We know that you will have very individual requirements and so we offer a flexible approach to help you achieve your goals.

A number of studies have shown that SMMPs see cost reductions of between 10 and 25% within the first year of implementation, making the benefits clear.

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